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Review: Social Share & Locker Pro

Price: $19

Platform: WordPress

Make it easy for visitors to email posts or articles from your WordPress blog without leaving the website.
Problem We Faced

Our client didn’t like that other plugins directed you off of their site in order to share their article via email.

The Solution

This plugin gave us everything we were hoping for and more. Besides the fact that the share buttons were super easy to install, our favorite part was that the pop up allows the user to share the post without having to configure an email on another page.

The pop up shows that the sender only needs to add the recipient’s name and email. They can also add more text along with the attached article, but it’s not required.

What We Liked

Given the five star rating, there was nothing about this plugin we didn’t like. The email pop up feature alone made the $19 purchase well worth it and the countless icon options were just icing on the cake.

4 star review

Review: Photo Gallery 

Price: Free; Pro version (Personal $30 – Developer $60)

Platform: WordPress

Company: WebDorado

Problem We Faced
We had a client who hosted various networking events wanted to showcase to potential members how active they are within the community. Since this client had pictures from previous events, we thought giving a visual display would get viewers an idea on what the association does and the opportunities it offers.

The Solution
We used the Photo Gallery plugin so the client can easily organize their photos by event. There were several great display options out-of-the box, including tile view, slideshow, or grid view. The plugin makes it easy for any user to change the size and order of the photos which is great if users want to add photos on the website quickly.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

It would be great if there was a way to display the event name (album name) underneath the photos.

What We Liked Most

This plugin is very straight forward and easy to organize. We thought the watermark was a good idea to protect others using photos for personal use. We also thought the Pro version was great because you could share your photos to social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

Keybridge Web specializes in websites for associations. To learn more, click here.

We found a great way for think tanks to moderate the effectiveness of their reports and articles is through a click of a button. Many think tanks do not have the time to moderate the comments section of their website and would rather have readers focus on the content rather than the comments.  A easy way to moderate the thoughts of commenters is through the reaction button  plugin.

How it works:

The reaction button plugin displays button options at the end of any articles or posts, similar to the buttons below:


The reader can easily choose a option that represents how they feel about the content. Think tanks can easily customize the these options to fit their needs. Some examples of may be:

  • agree
  • disagree
  • useful
  • not useful

This free and simple plugin then allows think tanks measure what readers think about the article through what the readers clicked. With a click of the button viewers can see how many people agree with them whether it is by percentage or the actual number of times the button was pressed. If cookies are enabled, web users are unable to click the same button twice unless they clear their browser history.

Why not use your think tank’s website to provide useful information and find out different responses readers may have? Comment sections are commonly disabled on think tank websites due to negatives comments between the occasional readers. The reaction button gives readers a chance to express what they feel without verbally attacking each other.  Without feedback from others, think tanks may disconnect from their audience and not provide content readers want to learn about. When you think of web design for think tanks, you want to be able to understand your current and future audience. The reaction button can help connect with the readers and can improve future content.

Keybridge Web specializes in websites for nonprofits. To learn more, click here.

5 star review

Review: Subscribe 2

Price: Free ($15 for the  Subscribe 2 Pro Widget)

Platform: WordPress

Problem We Faced
Our client needed a simple solution to allow users to subscribe to their WordPress blog posts.

The Solution

After researching several options, we’re glad we landed on Subscribe2. It provides a clean, simple solution to capturing user email addresses, and automatically sending out new posts to those users. It also can create a community of active users who are able to recommend, like and comment on your posts. The setup required no custom coding, and our client was up and running in no time.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?
Can’t think of anything. So far, it has been working great for us.

What We Liked Most

We liked that it gave viewers the option to sign up using theirFfacebook account as an alternative. It not only saves time for the viewer when signing up, it also can virally encourage their friends to sign up.

Whether you have a lifestyle, accounting, or legal blog, you always want to make sure you can connect with your audience. Featuring a comments section allows you connect directly with your audience and show your viewers how much you care about their thoughts and experiences. But alongside comments you’ll find spam posts, which are distracting, annoying, and take time to sift through. Wouldn’t you rather save time and the hassle of going through spam comment posts so you can focus writing new content on your website?

The Akismet WordPress plugin is an anti-spam service that filters your comment section and automatically hides posts. It operates by scanning millions of pieces of data from every corner of the internet to keep up with the latest techniques and prevent spammers from using them on your site. It works around the clock and can track in real time how many spam posts it keeps off your site. For businesses, plans start at $5 a month – all you have to do is register and activate the plugin, and Akismet starts filtering and monitoring your comment section immediately.

This is one of the most widely-used and highly-rated WP plugins out there – and it’s clear why. To date, they’ve kept almost 200 billion pieces of spam off of sites, so they’re experts, and their methods are constantly evolving. Definitely a worthwhile plugin for any business that wants to feature comments on their site without inviting spam.

Looking to start an online newspaper, or move your print publication onto your website? We found a WordPress theme called Newspaper that makes it easy.

Aesthetics can make or break your website’s success – it doesn’t matter how great your articles are if their presentation isn’t visually engaging. That’s why Newspaper’s so great. It features five distinct styles (called stacks) that transform your site instantly, and the option to customize every aspect, with over 60 combinations of font, color and layout. Clean lines, crisp photo backgrounds, a balance of text, images, and white space – it looks undeniably cool.

Newspaper also handles three critical aspects of any news site – photos, videos, and ads. You can drag and drop photos into a gallery, directly embed video and audio content, and the theme supports Google Ads and AdSense –  an easy way to get revenue by tailoring ads to your viewers.

This is one of the best themes we’ve found, both because it does a lot, and does it all well. For $58 you get access to 24-hour support, but its five-star rating means you probably won’t need it. It’s a way to make your site professional and relevant in just a few clicks.

5 star review

Backup Buddy

Price: $80 – $300

Platform: WordPress

Company: iThemes

As professional website developers, it is imperative to have reliable and scheduled remote backups for our clients’ websites (and our own). We have found the BackupBuddy WordPress plugin to be the most effective and reliable tool for the job. Backups can easily be scheduled, created, and restored in a matter of minutes.

In addition, BackupBuddy can be used to migrate WordPress sites to different servers — we use this feature that we use all the time! In addition, BackupBuddy is made and supported by iThemes, one of the most trusted, respected companies in the WordPress community. Overall amazing plugin — we install it on every site. Easily 5 stars!

Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin

Price: FREE

Platform: WordPress

Company: Lopo

On every site we build, we find the need to replicate pages, posts, and other content. That is why Duplicate Post is one of the first plugins we install. This plugin allows to clone a post or page, or edit it as a new draft. It works great for template pages such as projects, portfolio items, or individual bio pages. Highly recommend — easy 5 stars!